Where to keep your Last Will and Testament.

Okay so you have written your Will, you have got it signed and witnessed as per the instructions. Now what are you going to do with it?

Obviously it needs to be kept somewhere where it will be safe and somewhere it can be found.

Perhaps you have a fireproof safe, that would be a “safe” location provided someone can actually find it and get into it.

You might consider leaving with your lawyer, attorney or solicitor. They would probably expect some payment, or expect to be the executor. But they would probably have a fireproof safe which they know the combination to …. combination of … of which they know the combination?

Back in the day, your bank might store such important papers, but I don’t think that is very common anymore. Give them a call and let me know how you go!

Let’s say your bank is not up for it, you don’t want to pay a legal firm and you don’t have a fireproof safe, or a safe of any kind. You just need to keep your Last Will and Testament in the safest place you can think of and then tell your executor where you’ve put it. Or you could even give it to your executor to look after for you.

If you think about it, that might be the best option. There is a small possibility that you could die in the fire that burns down your house – taking your Will with it. But the chances of you dying in a fire at your executor’s house is much less. So that might be the safest option.

The bottom line is … your Last Will and Testament needs to be found. Put it somewhere and tell people where that is.

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