A vision for 2020

Some of you may claim to have a vision for 2020 and maybe you do or maybe you just like the sound of it.

But in reality no one can see into the future and no one can predict what kind of crazyness life is going to throw at you.

So just try to remember that when you’re writing your Last Will and Testament. Don’t try to be too clever. Remember as long as you are drawing breath you can still change your Will. With online wills (such as the ones shown below) a new will can be made very quickly and very cheaply.

So don’t try to think what will happen if your son remarries and leaves his wife and children – against your advice and moral compass. Just wait for it to happen and then review your Will. Maybe you’ll like the new wife more than you think. Maybe the old wife has hooked up with a millionaire and doesn’t need your sympathy and/or legacy.

So don’t waste your time (and your money on a lawyer) trying to think of every eventuality – is that a real word? – just make a plain and simple Will and change it if and when you have to.

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