Dying is more Fashionable these days.

It’s true, since the introduction of COVID-19 a lot more people are exiting the world. You might think that this would be an excellent time for online will makers. But statistics show otherwise. Will making is not only not up – it is actually significantly down.

How to explain this unexpected turn of events? It is very hard to fathom. Everyday we hear of more and more people dying, wouldn’t that make you think of your own death and whether you are prepared for it?

Clearly not. One explanation that springs to mind is that people who are contemplating making a Will are more susceptible to contracting the Corona Virus, but that would imply that what is essentially nothing more than a very complicated organic molecule is capable of mind reading.

Einstein was not a fan of “spooky action at a distance” and whilst I am not a huge fan of his hair style, I tend to agree with him on this issue. (Yes it does appear that he was wrong in this instance, but I think the principle is sound).

So what does that leave us with, how to explain the unanticipated downturn in online Will making? I have a one word answer for you … Netflix. People are distracting themselves with entertainment. They are not thinking “Oh gee, I might catch COVID-19 and die, I should really get my Last Will and Testament in order”. They’re thinking “I’m bored to tears, stuck here at home, what’s on the box?”

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