Update your Will after Christmas.

Ahh Christmas Holidays at time of good cheer and family reunions. At least that is what they would have you believe. Of course in reality it is a time of much anger and resentment, often fuelled by alcohol and poorly chosen gifts.

Definitely a time when you might consider re-doing your Last Will and Testament. Certain people need to learn that they cannot treat you like that and get away with it. They need to be punished. But your death and reading of your “punishing” Will is – hopefully – a long way off. So is it really worth paying a small fortune for a lawyer to rewrite the document?

Probably not. Especially if you are the kind of person who is going to be offended by someone else next Christmas. So what is the alternative?

You can use a low cost online will (as promoted at the bottom of this page), to create a “dummy” Will. Something you can put together yourself, something that if you signed it correctly would be completely legal. You can just print it out and leave it lying around for some prying eyes to discover. Pretty soon that blabber-mouth will have spread the contents to the rest of the family.

You can then sit back an enjoy the effects. Merry Christmas!

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