What not to put in your Will.

A lot of people don’t realise or understand that a Last Will and Testament is usually read AFTER the funeral.

So including a lot of detail about how you’d like to be buried under the old apple tree, or have your ashes scattered from the Eiffel Tower, may be discovered too late to be effective.

Of course there’s no harm to put it in, but you just need to let your loved ones know they should look there as soon as you pop-off rather than waiting until after you’re dead and buried.

And if you really “don’t want to be a burden” you could organise your whole funeral yourself. So if you really want your coffin to enter the incinerator (cremator!) to the Billy Joel classic – you can make sure that happens, rather than have a relative decide that soundtrack is simply too crass.

Another thing that people are often tempted to include is … Abuse. Of course it is very cathartic to spend some quality time telling people what you really think of them. But if they really are as terrible as you make out, your tirade may prompt them to try to challenge your Will in a court. Better to let sleeping dogs lie and save your family those extra legal fees.

But as we like to remind you what you put in (or omit from) your Last Will and Testament – is essentially irrelevant to you – you’ll be dead and completely unaware of the consequences. So just go for it!

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