Equality or Equalisation?

To be Fair or Wise? That is the question.

So lets say you have a couple of children, one works hard and has been very successful in life. They are married with a couple of kids are well on the way to paying off their mortgage.

The other is more of a “free spirit” they haven’t settled down to anything. They have no career, no savings and some might say “no worries”. But of course you are worried about their future – even though they are clearly not.

You’re sitting down to write your Last Will and Testament. The fair thing to do would be to simply give them half each. Who could complain about that? It’s what most people and most people would expect.

But you’re no sheep, you like to be prudent, think things through, do what’s best rather than what’s expected.

So maybe you should leave everything to the child that needs it the most. After all you taught them everything they know, it could be said that it’s your fault that they have not made a more secure future for themselves.

Would the other child understand? Definitely not, they would feel unloved, left-out and hard done by.

Alternatively, you could leave everything to the successful child. They have worked hard, taken your advice, made something of thier life and they have a family to support. They should be rewarded for their efforts. Shouldn’t they?

And, given the other child’s track record, they will probably fritter away your hard-earned estate anyway, and all your working life will have been for nought … apart from a couple of kids.

So how to be fair in your Last Will and Testament? Give it all to charity and to hell with both of them? No that would just make them both hate you.

It is a tough question and most people find it too hard and simply split it down the middle.

The good news is that no matter what you decide, when it all comes out, it won’t worry you one iota – you’ll be dead.

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