How to stop challenges to your Will.

How can you make your will totally untouchable? Indisputable? Bullet-Proof?

How can you stop your greedy relatives or ex-partners trying to get a share of your estate?

How can you block that no-good son from leaching off your estate?

How can you dis-inherit the disingenuous?

The short and disappointing answer is: YOU CAN’T.

You can spend a fortune on fancy lawyers creating pages of beautifully written legal prose. But still it can be challenged in court.

So whether you spend $20 on an online will, or $20,000 with a team of legal professionals – someone may challenge it and if a court decides it is unfair or unlawful, your final wishes may not be upheld.

What can I say? Life is like that. But on the plus side – you’re not going to be around to worry about it. And (unless I am very much mistaken and there is an after-life) you’ll never even know it happened. So you can Rest in Peace.

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